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          BLJ Worldwide

          Ideas to Inspire. Influence to Deliver.

          About BLJ Worldwide

          BLJ Worldwide is an international strategic consultancy specializing in public diplomacy, advocacy and communications.

          Ideas to Inspire

          The BLJ team has the creative firepower to transform your reputation, and make your brand stand out in a crowded market.

          Influence to Deliver

          Our unmatched network of high-level contacts in political, business and media circles allows our clients access to opinion formers and decision-makers.

          Our Leadership

          Founded by Peter Brown and Sir Nicholas Lloyd, BLJ is led by an elite group of distinguished former news executives, White House and Downing Street advisors, and experts in international affairs.

          Our Services

          BLJ offers a full suite of communications services, including? diplomacy and government relations?, ?media training, crisis communications?, ?event? management and ?media production.

          Our Clients

          We help world leaders, corporations, NGOs and other institutions navigate the complex worlds of international policymakers and opinion formers.