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  • Diplomacy & Government Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Crisis Communications
  • Events
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Internal Communications
  • Thought Leadership
  • Media Training
  • Content Production/Development
  • Media Production Strategic Advice

Media Relations

Across the globe, BLJ Worldwide enjoys deep, personal relationships with the journalists, editors, and producers who shape today’s news. From Editor in Chief to beat reporter to local blogger, our networks span industry and continent and ensure your message is heard in the right context and platform.

Our media relations program looks at both proactive and reactive outreach to ensure that your company is equipped to respond swiftly and strategically to all situations. Our editorial staff draft by-lined articles and press releases, and, most importantly, gets them published in the places your target audiences will see them.

Digital Media

BLJ offers a comprehensive communications plan, where digital media strategy is driven by a client’s core team, not by a separate division or company that doesn’t understand your message, unique traits and advantages. We look at digital, social, and new media in the context of your overall strategy to incorporate how and where it should be tactically employed.

Our experienced team knows how to leverage technology in today’s media environment and utilizes robust analytics and original content development to spot trends, spark conversations, and engage with influencers and audiences beyond the scope of traditional media.

Special Events

BLJ Worldwide plans and executes large, high profile events across the world with Presidents, film stars, and other A-list figures. We don’t view events through the lens of “one-off” flashpoints, but instead as part of broader, long-term positioning for our clients.

Our extensive contact database, event management experience, and strategic approach have resulted in new partnerships, friendships and deals that create exciting, sustainable opportunities for our clients.


To ensure total message control, BLJ Worldwide works with clients to develop advertising messaging and creative content — as well as marketing materials — that are consistent and integrated with on-going public relations efforts.

Content Development

As full service, fully integrated communications strategists we understand the myriad ways you need to impart your message and this includes printed and digital media. We know that it is not just what you need to say, but the way in which it is said, that is also important to you. We have a fleet of highly qualified and experienced, internationally published writers who will help you to say what needs to be said, the way you want to say it. We will deliver your key messages, your branding and your overall image onto the world stage through website copy, catalogues, annual reports, brochures, newsletters, company profiles, blog posts and many more avenues.